Our Journey
SDTT Khajani Institute for skill development and training for women was established in Mathura in the year 2007 by Dr. HM Maheshwari. He gave this responsibility of running this institute to his daughter Mrs. Shipra Rathi. Keeping in mind the need then , quality education for computers, beauty and wellness and dress designing was introduced. The Institute started training with 246 students in the first year and admissions kept increasing gradually. A minimum fees was charged from the girls. Selflessly working to make them independent ,Shipraji also taught them communication and verbal skills to groom them overall. Soon enough, a lot of girls and women from the economically weaker sections started approching the institute . Since they could not afford to join but were very keen and enthusiatic to learn , Shipraji then approached individual sponsors and companies in the year 2012 to help support students through scholarships. That year they started off with  5 scholarships. The demand for it kept increasing and resources were limited so hence many students had to be denied of scholarships.
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Empowering Women for Personal and Professional Development


Imparting Skills to Enlighten, Educate, and Empower Women

Our Core Values

Creating An End-To-End Implementation Framework For Skill Development, Which Provides Opportunities For Life-Long Learning. Align Employer/Industry Demand And Workforce Productivity For Sustainable Livelihoods. Ensure Sufficient, High-Quality Options For Long-Term Skilling, Re-Skilling And Up-Skilling, Bench Marked To Internationally Acceptable Qualification Standards. Support Weaker And Disadvantaged Sections Of Society Through Focused Outreach Programmes And Targeted Skill Development Activities. Propagate Aspirational Value Of Skilling Among Youth, By Creating Social Awareness On Value Of Skill Training. Collaboration With Industries To Enhance The Placement And Self – Employment Opportunities.

Why Join SDTT Khajani

Why Join SDTT Khajani

SDTT Khajani Institute works tirelessly with the motto of “Imparting skills to enlighten educate and empower women”
  • We provide equal opportunities for all women.
  • We encourage women to develop their potential to their fullest.
  • We create an end to end implementation framework in skill development.
  • World class training and high quality standard equipments are available at the campus.
  • Our aim is to make women financially independent.
  • We collaborate with industries for placement opportunities through job fairs.
  • We help them to be entrepreneurs so they can be self employed or start their own business.
What We Offer
Holistic grooming of an individuals personality Equal opportunities for all women regardless of class and caste Opportunities for better and enhanced lifestyles Develop the potential and encourage women to take initiatives to showcase their creativity and talent
Journey to empowerment
Journey to empowerment

Enrol – Join our institute to see your dreams come true with the many opportunities we provide to our students.

Educate – Our qualified and dedicated trainers of each department puts in a lot of hard work and effort to train our students.

Enlighten– We believe in grooming our students to the best we can by teaching them communication and personal skills so that they are confident to face the real world.

Empower – Every student after passing out from our Institute is ready to take on a job or become an entrepreneur.

Our Focus Areas

Impact Over 15+ Years

We at SDTT Khajani Institute, want women to lead a self-sustainable life and become financially independent.

18000 +
Graduated and empowered students
8000 +
Economically challenged girls have been Groomed
5500 +
SDTT Khajani students are now financially self-reliant working professionals
8000 +
SDTT Khajani students are entrepreneurs today
130 +
Salons in Mathura are run by SDTT Khajani students
90 +
Boutiques in Mathura are run by SDTT Khajani students
60 +
Small cottage industries are run by SDTT Khajani students

Student Voices